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Big Bad Wolf video slot machine is produced by among the best overall game creators, and you can play it on your mobile screen as well. There are 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines in this video slot game and it is a common layout that you could already know. A rural farmlands backdrop renders the casino game, with a breathtaking view. The story of the 3 small pigs is the inspiration here, and their houses are built using various materials in an attempt to keep the wolf away because it is threatening to eat all of them.

  • Video Overview
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    Released April 2015

    Software QuickSpin

    Rolls 5

    Paylines 25

    Minimum Bet 1 per line

    Maximum Bet 1 per line

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    This is a Real Money Big Bad Wolf Game Review at

    The Big Bad Wolf is a classic fairytale theme which involves 3 little pigs and a hungry wolf who’s looking for a pork dinner. Quicskspin by Playtech developed this overall game, and there is a minimum deposit to make if you want to play Big Bad Wolf Real Money.

    You can make a minimum wager of £0.25 per spin also, the highest bet good is £125.

    Tips and Advantages of Big Bad Wolf Real Money Version

    Big Bad Wolf slot Real Money Version Advantages

    • Successful and cashing out here are both simple to do, especially if it is your fortunate day. The processing of withdrawals take 24 to 48 hours, and that’s what makes it simple. If there’s any delay in the transfer, the withdrawal recipients are notified right-away.
    • Big Bad Wolf is among the most top-rated gambling house slot machine games plus it you will surely be won over. Due to the bonuses and special functions, you will surely land some wins and love gambling Big Bad Wolf. Any kind of player – experienced or not will find this overall game innovative.
    • The game’s RTP rate is 97% which is higher than average.
    • The video game has a medium volatility, which means your wins are not often nor rare. In addition, you can win big or smaller amounts.

    Can I Play Big Bad Wolf Real Money Mode on Mobile Phone?

    You can access Big Bad Wolf on your mobile device and you’ll see its straightforward and easy navigation settings. The design are impeccable and detailed, but they can still be handled by your mobile and tablet device. It’s easy to try out this game since you are not needed to download a software, so you can be in on the fun. It is a great selection for members that are searching for good entertainment while being outside.

    Payouts for Big Bad Wolf Real Money Mode

    There are 25 paylines only that you can enjoy together with the bonuses and special functions that the game causes. They are low paying symbols from 10 through ace cards. The awards of these payouts range from 5 to 100 coins based on the coordinating 3 or more symbols on a payline. The biggest payouts are from the 3 small pigs, plus they are more worthwhile compared to all the other symbols and special features.

    Big Bad Wolf Real Money: Summary

    The real cash Big Bad Wolf video game is easy and enjoyable to try out, which means you will not regret signing up for an account. There are so many gambling games, but not all have an RTP rate of 97% and there 3 small pigs in your journey while you bag prizes.

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